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Sandy Braz - Dream Big and Get Going Just Do It!

A writer, athlete and entrepreneur with drive and ambition, Sandy Braz wowed me with her story of determination. Sandy had a career as a fitness writer, journalist and finally fulfilled her dream of having her own studio and being her own boss. Listen to my chat as we discuss her career journey and how we all need to stop thinking about fulfilling our dreams and start doing them.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy at her yoga studio and we had a bar side chat about her journey to become an entrepreneur and fulfill her dreams. Sandy financed the studio herself and is doing what she loves after a successful career as a journalist and fitness writer. She started it from scratch by herself with no regrets. Do what you love.

Key insights

1. Get going on fulfilling your dreams

2. Immerse yourself in your field

3. Network learn as much as you can

4. Be less insecure is the advice she would give her younger self

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