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Serial Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Tealbook Stephanie Lapierre

A lifelong entrepreneur, Stephany was awarded Top 100 Influencers by PharmaVoice and has won several awards for her innovative approach to supplier intelligence. Prior to tealbook, Stephany built a successful procurement consulting firm focused on helping Fortune 500 companies improve strategic sourcing efficiencies. For more than a decade, Stephany was exposed to the costly and inefficient gap between enterprise buyers and suppliers. In 2014, she launched tealbook to disrupt the business-to-business directory model by building the largest, most robust and trusted B2B network. Her innovative vision is for tealbook to enable all companies to connect and find one another with more trust in order to drive their business forward.

I had the pleasure of meeting Steph through a mutual friend. She embodies all the characteristic of a fearless leader building her company from scratch. A mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend she is juggling a busy life and making time for family. If you would like to learn more about her company download a tealbook case study here.

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